Thursday, February 24, 2011

special girl walk in my life..:)

WAh~almost stop tennis half year !this half year change a lot,specially 1 of a great girl walk into my life.I with her got alot of happy,but our happy is cannot finish forever.she always think long term before do in a stuff ,she got a great heart always like to help other ppl if she can.she like to make friends around her ,talk with ppl much.I love her so much.she is a person who love dog so much,if got dog around her she will happy to tel me:hey,got dog there do you see it!hahaha......she is a funny girl when did"t get angry,because she like to follow the mood so much about her attitude ,not yet tel how we meet up and start.our story is start from a basketball court.she is friends of my friends,we are playing basket together just 1 time.when 1st i meet up her is like ....... .OK!this girl was look nice and did"t talk with me alot so quiet and shy then i just don"t talk with her too.when we finish the playing and chill together at 1 table,she starting talk with me too.After the day,i every keep msg and talk phone with her.I start have a good feeling with her,I like her!then we couple together until now almost 8 month i not like her ,but I LOVE YOU FOREVER NIE~mucks.She is my angel in my life,in future also.pass this half year so relax and starting a business but still new in this.Think before want back to tennis life but got a hard way and money just study 1st and find a way back to tennis.make money to my darling and myself too....hehe:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


IN life most of the time you will feel emoing with some stuff you cannot fixed it ! this stuff make you mind become angry or sad or tired.why this feeling every time want to find you,because you mind did"t strong?or because the happend make you emo and can"t take it ?i like did"t like emo but feeling make me emo .......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

feel good today ......=)

just finish my coaching,the 3 kids today was happy because i give great game to them for work on it .kids just need fun then they just get to focus alone at starbucks and drinking a cup of mango juice ,the taste is nice.The songs sound old school is coming from the starbucks,my heart waiting a little girl come to dat with me .she is busy now with her alone here with cold air and the juice seriouly cold.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


wOW!life is feel bored ...cause gf is not beside feeling was missing her so much,i can"t take it ...want go to see her and hung her ....hmm......when we can meet ?she is get sad thre about some problem but i can"t helping her ...hmm.....feeling sad too.but any whre darling u must be happy all the time :}i love you>>>

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


huh!long time never write blog .......hehe.At this moment i so busy o...because i always with my loving sweetie ..she is a cute and nice girl,i am a lucky man can with her .=)hmm.....but my study also make me busy and i always hang out with my freinds a lot until i get sick .......hmm....feel bad now =(but is ok my life now is happy ......i love u my sweetie ...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

happy is soon be end :]

one and the half week ,have a lot of fun, play 2 itfpro tournament lost again but feel good at the match because play more better than last years ..........try my best at the match too.i mean is do well at this two tournament .i also hang out and chill with my friend ,we make alot of crazy stuff and have fun.but happy time is past so fast,i wil miss all wht i done with my friend in this 2 week .hehe..........

Monday, June 21, 2010


hmm........suddenly feel so emotion....i guess is so tired already.Feel want to talk with some body >..........!