Thursday, February 24, 2011

special girl walk in my life..:)

WAh~almost stop tennis half year !this half year change a lot,specially 1 of a great girl walk into my life.I with her got alot of happy,but our happy is cannot finish forever.she always think long term before do in a stuff ,she got a great heart always like to help other ppl if she can.she like to make friends around her ,talk with ppl much.I love her so much.she is a person who love dog so much,if got dog around her she will happy to tel me:hey,got dog there do you see it!hahaha......she is a funny girl when did"t get angry,because she like to follow the mood so much about her attitude ,not yet tel how we meet up and start.our story is start from a basketball court.she is friends of my friends,we are playing basket together just 1 time.when 1st i meet up her is like ....... .OK!this girl was look nice and did"t talk with me alot so quiet and shy then i just don"t talk with her too.when we finish the playing and chill together at 1 table,she starting talk with me too.After the day,i every keep msg and talk phone with her.I start have a good feeling with her,I like her!then we couple together until now almost 8 month i not like her ,but I LOVE YOU FOREVER NIE~mucks.She is my angel in my life,in future also.pass this half year so relax and starting a business but still new in this.Think before want back to tennis life but got a hard way and money just study 1st and find a way back to tennis.make money to my darling and myself too....hehe:)