Wednesday, May 19, 2010

again ;]

EvEry day the mind just think about her ,what she do ?where she go ?how is she today ?isn't she happy?or today she suddenly aslo think about me !mind i keep going miss her?my heart say YES; u must miss her day to a day .she in my heart always is pretty nice .Is my 1st time meet this girl in my life,can't forget her .HEY GIRL I LIKE U .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

love ?

my mind non-stop miss her.when i can say to her 'i like u '?isn't this word is hard to tell her ,i have not idea about it .I stil doN't know her alot ,should need sometime hang out with her and talk a lot with her .I LIKE U MY GIRL.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

miss some1

Still miss her a lot ,every second non-stop missing her.she also think about me miss me too !I want know ,but my heart feeling is not a time yet to know what she respond to me.Just be cool now .but i cannot take it already miss her so much ,want say to her "I LIKE U ".

love soon

LOVE?I guess me ady find out wht is that .hmm......if i did:t chat with her,the feeling like world end or can:t focus on my life .on my mind evry thinking just about her . i have love feeling with the girl .I have very strong love feeling to her .wht can i do now ?should tell her the true ,or just keep going like a friend 1st ?a lot of question on my mind but i can:t find out wht to do .hehehe